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Doctors Warn Aluminum Foil Can Lead to Deadly Consequences – Stop Using It Right Now

In the early 1900s, the aluminum foil was introduced. And nowadays this item is among the most commonly used kitchen products.

And this product is very flexible; you can use it for wrapping, treating health issues and cooking.

But, why is bad? The nature of the aluminum foil is neurotoxic, which means that it can have adverse effects on the function of your brain and it is also found that it can trigger Alzheimer’s disease.

One medical expert explained more about this, saying that if you are exposed to the aluminum foil that can cause the mental decline, loss of coordination, loss of memory, loss of balance, and loss of control over your body.

Cooking With Aluminum Foil

Moreover, it is scientifically proven that if you cook with aluminum foil that can have an impact on your bones.

That will happen, because there is an accumulation of metal in the bones which can lead to loss of calcium. And calcium is crucial to have proper health of your bones.

Furthermore, it is found that if you cook with aluminum foil that can also cause pulmonary fibrosis and many respiratory issues.

And if of those that cook with aluminum foil, you should know that there is a possibility that the metal will end up in your food.

That happens when you grill or bake with aluminum foil on high temperatures. Then tiny bits of metal will be in your food.

And even if that does not happen, particular lemons can lead to chemical leaching of the aluminum.

Study About The Effects of Aluminum and Cooking

A chemical engineering researcher, Essam Zubaidy, did a study about aluminum and its effects at the American University of Sharjah.

He came to the discovery that if you cook a meal in aluminum foil, the meal can have around 400 milligrams of aluminum.

More leaching happens, when the temperature is high. The more you increase the temperature, the more leaching will occur.

Essam Zubaidy said that the foil should not be used with spices, citrus juice and vegetables like tomatoes. In fact, he stated that the aluminum foil is not for cooking.

According to this study, if you cook foods in acidic solutions such as the lemon juice and tomato sauce then there is more aluminum and metal in your food.

And if you add spices that will additionally increase the leaching.

Also, this study found that the foods that contained the least amount of aluminum, and those meals are the ones cooked with alcohol and salt.

The World Health Organization says that the safe intake of aluminum on a daily basis is around 40 mg.

On the other hand, this study came to the discovery that food that is wrapped in aluminum foil in some cases contains more than 6 times of the recommended amount.

And ingesting that is such big quantities is nothing but dangerous.

No More Aluminum Foil

We are all aware that this kitchen item is cheap and it can be a big help to prepare certain types of meals. And it contributes to improve the taste.

But according to the study it is very bad when it comes to the lungs, brain, and bones.

And for sure you do not want any problems with the bones, unhealthy lungs or issues related to your brain.

If you want to stay safe it is very simple, just do not use aluminum foil.

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