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Avoid These Popular Tea Bags with Pesticides and Learn How to Select the Best Tea

There are pesticides almost everywhere such as public parks, school playgrounds and even on food products from the grocery store.

We always do whatever we can in order to avoid them and to stay safe. For example we always wash the products, some people grow their own veggies and fruits, and we buy organic.

But we can only protect ourselves from what we know that is not safe.

The most recent product where you can find pesticides might shock you. There are high levels of pesticides in tea bags from the popular tea brands like Twinings, Lipton, and Tetley.

Pesticides in Tea Bags

The CBS News actually conducted an investigation about this issue. And about the levels of pesticides of companies that produce tea.

The Companies Are:

  • Signal
  • Lipton ( Yellow Label Black Tea and also Pure Green Tea )
  • King Cole
  • Tetley
  • Uncle Lee’s Legends of China ( such as Jasmine Green Tea and also its Green Tea)
  • Twinings
  • No Name
  • Red Rose

In fact, the research was very well organized and conducted. The investigators from CBC with accredited lab used the testing method that the National Food Inspection Agency uses in order to test residue of pesticides on tea leaves that are dry.

The investigators came to the discovery that even more than half of the tested teas had residue of pesticides above the limit that is legally acceptable.

In fact, 8 out of 10 tested teas had many chemicals, and also one tea brand had over 22 different pesticides.

In the tea there were pesticides like monocrotophos and also the pesticide endosulfan, these pesticides are being banned in several countries at the moment.

That is because the workers are exposed to different health risks and because of the negative impact that might have on the environment.

According to research pesticides are connected to many health concerns from short-term impacts like nausea and headaches, all the way to chronic impacts such as hormone disruption, cancer, and reproductive harm.

To be safe, you can choose from wildcrafted loose leaf tea or organic in order to help limit the exposure to toxin and pesticides.

Because the long-term exposure to different sources of harmful chemicals, processed foods, environmental pollutants, medication, and alcohol take a toll on our detoxification systems and liver.

Worst Brands of Tea

The majority of the tested tea brands had traces of pesticides; some had very high amount of pesticides while other were below the legal limits.

The preferred amount, however, is zero.

List of Worst Offenders

No Name

This brand has over 10 different pesticides. Bear that in mind, next time you see it at the store.

Green Tea of The Brand Uncle Lee’s Legends of China

This tea brand has over 20 different types of pesticides. Among them is endosulfan, this pesticide is the process of being banned from several countries because of its environmental and health effects.

The side effects in case you consume this pesticide are tremor and effects on your nervous system.

There are cases where the consumption of food that had endosulfan caused death.

King Cole

This brand of tea although is not as laden with pesticides as the other brands it still has a wide variety of pesticides. Among them is the monocrotophos, which can cause comas, irregular heartbeat, and involuntary defecation.

However, the tea industry did not stay quiet about this. The vice president of Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, James O’ Young, said that all tea have pesticides.

He said that if you drink regular tea no matter the brand, the fact is that is an agricultural product with pesticides.

The vice president made this statement that taking into consideration about the brand Red Rose. The brand Red Rose turned out to be the only brand out of the 10 tested that was free out of pesticides.

The Red Rose is an example that you can cultivate tea and it can be free of pesticides.

You do not need to give up on tea because of this, all you need to do is to be aware of the brands that have pesticides and avoid them.

How To Select The Best Blend of Tea

Probably by now, you know that quality is an important part of favorite tea brand.

Tips to Pick The Best Medical Blends

In order to make sure that you won’t be exposed to pesticides, choose the tea that has organic ingredients.

Do not pick the tea bags that have windows or that are transparent. This is also important because when oxidation occurs, it reduces the shelf life of your tea.

In order to maintain its potency and freshness, your tea should be stored in air-sealed and light-free containers.

For better quality, selects tea brand that uses whole leaf tea that is loose-packed or loose-leaf tea. These types of tea are usually made with ingredients of high quality, and they have preserved their medicinal properties.

Why is it important for the tea to be loosely-packed? It is important because the tea is able to brew and with that more of its healing qualities are extracted.

Another thing you can do is to check whether there is an expert behind the blend. It doesn’t matter whether it is a tea specialist, naturopathic doctor or herbalist, that means that the ingredients are chosen for a particular purpose.

Watch the video below and see the reaction of people when the find out what kind of tea they are actually drinking.

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