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This Is Why You Should Avoid The Most Popular Ketchup Ever

Not many of us have a tendency to read the labels of the products before buying them. Despite the fact that companies list the ingredients on the product labels.

Companies are obligated to declare every single ingredient on the label according to their quantity from the most to the least present one. Generally speaking, the label information is essential because it gives us the possibility to control what we consume.

Ketchup is often a standard food add-on in every kitchen, and there are many different types of ketchup on the market.

However, there is but 1 notorious type of ketchup which is believed to be bad for the health and should be avoided at all times. We’re talking about Heinze ketchup. Follow the article to the end to find out why.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Heinz ketchup is loaded with tons of high fructose syrup. Manufacturers listed this ingredient under different names – twice; corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup.

The body utilizes corn syrup the same way it does sugar, spiking blood sugar levels thereby endangering the liver function. Moreover, another disadvantage of the ingredient is its’ GMO origins, that can lead to devastating health ailments.

Excessive weight gain, diabetes, obesity, immune system impairments and heart diseases are among the main ones.

Distilled Vinegar & Sugar

Apart from the high presence of the fructose corn syrup, Heinz ketchup is also full with excessive amounts of sugar. You get about 4 grams of sugar for every tablespoon of ketchup.

Furthermore, another unique GMO ingredient in the ketchup is distilled vinegar. So far so bad, as the list of unhealthy ingredients continues with onion powder, salt, and additives and with little or no nutrients at all.

Hence, the question remains – is Heinze ketchup even considerable as a real food?

All things considered, it is probably best if you avoided this particular product, but it’s your choice at the end of the day anyway.

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