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Keep This Processed Orange Juice Brand Away From Your Kids!

Anyone who reads the name of the product “Simply Orange” believes it is a natural, safe, and healthy product, and definitely a good choice for the family.

This product is manufactured by Coca-Cola, but apparently, its name does not depict its nature and qualities.

These juices bring huge profits to their manufacturers. For instance, Coca-Cola made more than $4.5 billion on their non-concentrated juices alone last year.

Nowadays, when people are trying to develop healthier lifestyle habits and consume healthier foods, such products are a hit.

They are made from real oranges, as advertised, but the process of their transformation into juice is unnatural and devastating.

Namely, this juice is made from an algorithm called the “Black Book,”  intended to preserve the taste and texture of the juice. During a year, the climate changes along with the seasons, and this algorithm ensures that the outcome of the juice production does not depend on these factors.

This juice is made by stripping oranges of the natural characteristics and substituting them by injecting false replications. The Black Book algorithm can be of 600 flavors, all used to preserve the flavor regardless of the external factors.

Moreover, these analyses might sometimes last for a year, and in order to test and transform the juice, Coca-Cola eliminates all of the oxygen content so that it will not go bad.

This also removes the natural flavors of the juice, so companies use artificial flavors.

The worst part about these flavors is that they do not need to be written on the label of the product, as they are also extracted from the oranges, but the truth is that they are extremely dangerous and unnatural.

Therefore, if you want to consume organic and natural orange juice, the only way to get it is to grow or purchase organic oranges, and juice them at home!

Source: www.healthy-food-house.com

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