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This Infographic Shows How Only 10 Companies Own All The World’s Food Brands

You might think that there is no end to the various junk food lining supermarket aisles, we are here to inform you that only 10 major corporations manufacture the bulk of those products.

Apparently, regardless of the content of your shopping cart, your money goes to one of the following giant corporations: Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Mars, Unilever, Kraft, General Mills, Nestlé, PepsiCo, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, and Kellogg’s.

To illustrate this, Oxfam International created a comprehensive infographic that shows the extensive reach of the “Big 10” food and beverage companies.

You will be able to find out certain links between brands you weren’t aware of. For instance, Kit Kat bars are a Nestlé product, as well as the frozen California Pizza Kitchen pies.

Also, PepsiCo produces Quaker granola bars, and Pineapple Fanta is canned right alongside Barq’s root beer at the Coca-Cola factory.

Therefore, these massive corporations squash entrepreneurial diversity, being a real horror for small businesses and startups, and making it literally impossible to succeed at all.

Due to all this, the Oxfam’s report advises:

 “The world’s largest food and beverage companies have a lot of power – but you have more. And because they’re not using theirs enough to help poor communities or the planet, you can use yours to change the way they do business.”

Hence, you can reject helping the Big 10 world takeover in a few ways. At first, try to avoid processed and junk foods and drinks, and choose local farmers’ markets for buying produce.

Source: http://www.healthy-food-house.com

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