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Swollen Legs Are A Thing Of The Past. With This Simple Trick, You’ll Get Rid Of Water Retention.

It is a dreary feeling for you to wake up in the morning, and upon stepping on the weighing scales, you find yourself at least 6 to 7lbs heavier. What is astounding is that you haven’t eaten anything all day? So, how would a person that has not eaten anything is making such a huge difference on the weighing scales?

Well, the answer lies in the extreme weight fluctuations that happen due to the attention of water by your body. It is most commonly found amongst pregnant woman, people that aren’t extremely mobile on their jobs, or due to some side effects of medication taken by that person. Often, the water retained by the body is noticeable in the joints, the fingers as well as in the swollen legs. It is not only extremely uncomfortable, but it could also cause a lot of wear and tear to the connective tissue, and it brings about permanent weight gain.

Fortunately, water retention is due to a simple cause, and therefore its solution is also very simple. Below mentioned are some of the possible reasons as to why water retention happens and what you can do to resolve them.

Excessive amount of sodium

It is common knowledge that salty foods provide a boost to the water retention capability of the body. This is more so the case when you do not drink enough water. Water is the primary solvent that can rinse out the salt from our body. So, when the body consumes excessive amount of salt, it starts retaining water, so that the cells will be able to keep a healthy balance. In extreme cases, the cells even start going to about 20 times the normal size. Fortunately, all you need to do to control the situation is to start eating with less amount of salt and forgo the processed foods.

The fast foods that you consume and the ready-made meals often contain a high level of salt so as to add more taste of the food. It also applies to any kind of ready-made soaps and frozen pizzas. Instead, you should always eat the fresh vegetables, and go for sources with the lowest amount of salt.

Drinking too little water

There are many people that still do not consume enough water for their bodies. So, when this happens, the body starts compensating by storing as much water as possible within the body. This can lead to water retention. What you can do is to start drinking water regularly and in sufficient amounts.

Ideally, at least 8 cups of water on a daily basis is helpful towards maintaining a high water level within your body so as to lead to the decrease in water retention. You could also eat food which has high level water content like cucumbers and peppers. The other advantage of eating such food is the additional vitamin that you get.

Deficiency of magnesium

If there is a deficiency of magnesium, then it would lead to the retention of water. The human body requires minerals for metabolism. When a particular mineral is missing, the body does not function properly, and ends of storing water. However, the solution is extremely simple and delicious as well.

If you consume fruits like avocado, or eat spinach and your gut, then the magnesium levels will again rise up in your body, and the metabolism will occur without any problems. Having whole meal products as well as green vegetables that are rich in magnesium also helps. You will notice that there would be no extreme weight fluctuations anymore.

Such steps will definitely help you to take care of the water retention problems and bring back the size of the swollen cells in your body. However, please note that water retention is not associated with any kind of unhealthy lifestyle. Adequate exercises can also help in the reduction of water retention, and tighten the tissues within your body. However, if the symptoms of water retention persist for a long period of time, a professional should always be consulted.

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