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This Is the Healthiest Vegetable on Earth and It’s Been Used By the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans!

It has great nutritional value due to the fact that it contains more iron than spinach and more vitamin C than lemons and oranges.

This plant is called watercress (Nasturtium officinale). Although it has always been known for its healing properties, this plant is somewhat neglected. The origin of the watercress comes from Eurasia, but today it is very widespread and can be found in almost every part of the world.

It is known as one of the oldest plants and its use goes back to ancient history. Many ancient people used it in food and treatment of health problems. Ancient Greek physician and father of Hippocrates recommended this plant for the treatment of throat, toothache, throat disease, drowsiness and numbness. For the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans it was known as a powerful tool to restore power.

The pharaohs of Egypt ordered the slaves to drink the juice from watercress to keep the power and productivity. Today, the official international study has declared this leafy vegetables as the healthiest vegetables on the planet and the food number one

What is the secret of this plant

Watercress stops and reduces oxidative stress, and increases the antioxidant effect. Watercress affects the exchange of chemicals in our metabolism and regulates the imbalance that is caused, which is very important for natural treatments.

The watercress purifies blood, refreshes, stimulates appetite and cleanses the whole body. In autonoxication – toxemia is recommended to eat watercress . In ancient medicine watercress had a major impact on treatment. It is recommended to consume fresh juice in a ratio of 1: 5, part of the juice and the rest of the water, as its pure juice can cause inflammation of the stomach and throat. Fresh watercress juice is consumed as a prescription because daily consumption is not recommended and break are needed in between.

Contains mustard oil that is mainly carried through the kidneys; Therefore, it will increase circulation and urination, and a longer use can irritate the kidneys. Watercress juice is a popular tool for external use as in skin diseases, skin impurities and hair loss by rubbing the juice. Crushed leaf covers can reduce sun spots on the skin and can heal scabies and various impurities on the skin.

Scientific studies say it can stop tumor growth and metastasis (tested on animals). If we inject the watercress extract into the body, it can help in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and can stop the spread of breast cancer. At the same time, smokers are advised to consume watercress salad because it has an excellent effect that prevents the harmful effects of smoking.

To prepare watercress covers you need to grind and shred them so that you get a soft mixture that can be placed in the affected area. Before placing a cover, clean the area with alcohol, place the mixture and cover. Leave the cover 2 – 4 hours, and after removing it wash the place and put some lubricant or cream. We use watercress covers for various skin impurities, especially those that come due to the activity of various fungi.

Wash the leaves with water and leave them in salted water and vinegar. Then wash them again and use them in salads. In the salad you can put chopped garlic, lemon juice, a little salt and pepper and some onions if you want. Mix the ingredients and let stand for about 3 hours.

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