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Rare Pink Moon In Libra On April 11, 2017: Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift!

Astrologists say that you mustn’t miss the rare full moon on the night of April 11. It will be unique and huge.

The lovely pink moon in Libra will fuel a cosmic shift in energy – all you have to do is open your soul to it. Just stand outside, but remember, you won’t be able to see the pink moon.

It was named after the vibrant pink wildflowers known as ground Phlox. They are the first flowers you see in spring. The pink moon announces the weather changes, and introduces the new season.

Open yourself to the moon’s energy, and you will experience major changes in your life.

Here’s what the pink moon in Libra will give you this year:

  1. Energy boost

The pink moon brings energy all around you. Learn how to channel it, and prevent it from becoming a negative source. Use it to improve your life and wellbeing. Welcome the energy shift with positivity, and you will experience an amazing flow of positive energy.

  1. Strong intuition

Listen to your guts. The pink moon sharpens your intuition, and you’ll feel the bond with yourself. You’ll be more able to understand your needs, desires, and intentions. Let your instincts guide you, and you’ll be surprised of the things that follow.

  1. The grand awakening

The pink moon will slide you through a wave of conscious awareness. Open your body and mind t it, and you will encounter a deep self-discovery.

Now is the perfect time to re-center yourself. Balance the powers in your life, and learn how to perceive the future clearly. That’s the only way to discover the true path to your success.

  1. Closer relationship

Praise the communication these days. Meet with your friends, connect with your family members, and spend more time with your loved ones. Talk to others, and call someone you haven’t seen in a while. This is the ideal time to re-connect. The pink moon will strengthen your social skills, and you’ll feel attached to the people you love.

  1. Enjoy the adventure

Full moons announce rebirth and beginnings. Try something you’ve never done before. Hobbies, new languages, workout, painting… The world is yours. Commit to the adventure, and enjoy life.

There’s no room for excuses, and stay away from people who keep you away from your dreams.

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