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Make Your Own “Break Fungi”! A Remedy Able to Eliminate the Fungus of the Nails In a Short Time

To eliminate the nail fungus we need a lot of time and patience, since the treatments are usually quite extensive. This remedy combines three powerful ingredients that accelerate the procedure and prevent us from losing our nails in the attempt.

The fungi that lodge in the nails generate a condition called onychomycosis . Onychomycosis, also called nail rash , is an infection that attacks the nails on both hands and feet, although the latter are usually more frequent. It can originate by the action of three fungi: dermatophytes, yeasts or non-dermatophyte molds. These organisms can also affect other parts of the body such as hands, groin or skin.

As it is a problem that affects the nail, the symptoms are usually more visible than sensitive, especially in the beginning. You will notice that the infected nail turns yellowish and changes its thickness as it grows. In addition to being much thicker, the surrounding skin may become inflamed and reddish. Over time, and if the onychomycosis is not treated, the nail can begin to detach itself until completely released.

If you notice any of these nail symptoms, a fungus may be attacking you. We recommend you make this home remedy, completely safe and very effective when it comes to removing nail fungus. It consists of only 3 ingredients that will help you save your nail. Try it!

Home remedy to Eliminate Nail Fungus

To make this super effective remedy, you will need:

-50 ml of 90% ethyl alcohol
-50 ml of hydrogen peroxide
-2 tablespoons white vinegar


In a glass container, mix ethyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Finally, add a little vinegar (this will prevent the alcohol from evaporating). Store in an airtight glass container in a cool, dry place. Always try to keep the container covered, even between application and application if you have more than one affected nail.

How to use:

Wash the nail thoroughly twice a day and dry. Gently smooth the surface, soak a cotton in the remedy and apply directly on the affected nail. If you have more than one nail to try, try to change the cotton. In two weeks, you should begin to see the results.

Some recommendations:

-Keep your feet well ventilated. Do not wear tight shoes or materials that do not allow proper oxygenation, such as plastic or nylon. Choose leather options or cotton fabrics

-Do not walk barefoot in public places like showers of gyms, swimming pools, changing rooms, etc.

-Do not share your pedicure tools. Try to keep your nails neat and dry

-Do not use the same nail clipper for healthy nails and for infected nails

-Wear 100% cotton socks so sweat is absorbed by the fabric. Change socks every time wet notes. In addition, apply foot deodorants, either in spray or talc

-Always wear a pair of spare socks. You can keep them in your car or wallet and have them always at hand

-Cut the nails in a straight line, periodically

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