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This Girl Felt Pain In Her Buttocks And Went To The Doctor, When He Poked Hole In Her Body You Won’t Believe What Came Out!!!

The curves of the Kardashians and Serena Williams sparked a wave of ladies who have decided to undergo a plastic surgery with intention to plump up their buttocks and thighs.

Nowadays, it is a trend to have a big butt.

However, Andressa Urach, a 27- year old Brazilian model, her bum almost had resulted fatally. She was really lucky, but she could die.

Since she was a little girl, Andressa dreamed of becoming a model. This young girl comes from country where every model must have one quality: a great posterior! Despite the fact that she had the attribute she needed, she was convinced that her butt should be more voluptuous.

Andressa decided to undergo a quite risky surgical procedure. In her home county, this type of procedure was not legal.

This young girl discovered one way how to get the desired results: she had hydrogel and PMMA injected into her hips and thighs in order to expand the size of her bum and hold it firm.

Although at the beginning this idea was worth, later the situation changed.

Back in 2012, Andressa won the WORLD FAMOUS MISS BUMBUM CONTEST and her beauty finally was noticed and all people have seen it.

But, after some period of time, Andressa’s life completely changed, but unfortunately not for the good, but to the worse. She started experiencing incredibly sharp pain in her legs, and went to the hospital in Porto Alegre. After taking the needed laboratory tests and analyses, the doctors have discovered that the gel that had been injected into her thighs had not been properly absorbed into her body and had caused muscles to rot. In order to remove the gel doctors penetrated in her skin and then stuffed the gaping cuts with specific foam. After this procedure, Andressa stayed to intensive care as the cuts were infected. The worst situation that could’ve happened was to amputate her legs.

Andressa underwent various surgical intervention and medication to stop the infection and now she is fully recovered.

Later, this young lady said that her 200,000 Twitter fans’ prayers gave her hope to get through her ordeal. Andressa has written a book about her experience. She hopes that her mistake will serve as a warning to all those women who have intention to utilize such type of corrective surgery.

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