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Finally I Found How Much You Have To Walk To Start Losing Weight!

Walking is one of the safest forms of exercise. Depending on how often you walk, you can easily lose one pound per week.

Think about it, in less than five months you can be 20 pounds lighter without spending hours at the gym and without going on a strict diet.

Weight Loss with Proper walking

Two factors influence the calories burned. Even to walk an average speed of 4 miles per hour, you can burn 400 calories from this activity. You can also adjust the speed based on your preferences. You can add walk another 3 miles and burn another 3 calories that day. You see, walking is simply amazing!

You can use a pedometer, to help you to track how many calories you burn by walking and easily manage your plan. After a while, you will realize how easy it is to lose weight by walking and you will surely love this exercise.

Pedometer, to help you lose weight

One of the ways that can help in achieving the desired outcome is to have stimulus. Use a pedometer. Through it you can control your weight better and more efficiently.

How many steps do you need to walk to lose weight?

Anyone can get a different result by walking. Some people may be able to burn hundreds of calories for one miles.

This is where pedometer comes into play!

1 mile = 100 calories burned and 2,000 steps
1 pound= 3500 calories
Losing 1 pound in a week= 500 calories/day

In order to lose 1 pound per week, should be walked 10,000 steps

Walking may be the easiest exercise for you.

How often should you walk?

Be sure to visit your doctor before you start to do walking as an exercise. Consult him to know whether you are fit for it or not.

When you have just started, walk 15 to 20 minutes per day and three days in a week.  You can gradually increase it to 30 to 60 minutes a day.

The first 5 minutes walk in the quiet tempo.
Then do some stretching and flexibility.
The next 30-60 minutes walk in energetic, as your ability pace.
The last 5 minutes again switch to quietly walking.
Finish the workout with stretching exercises.

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