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Here is Every Benefit of Drinking Warm Water Regularly

If you drink a glass of warm water every day, it will increase your blood circulation and will help in cleansing fat deposits and toxins from your body. Did you know that almost sixty percent of your body is made out of water? This fact plays a major role in digestion and eating.

Warm water can also assist you in nasal congestion and throat pain. It can aid in reducing cholesterol levels, aid weight loss and increase your metabolism.

Here we will explore a few more ways how warm water can benefit your body.

Removes nasal mucus

Warm beverages, in general, have been seen to decrease the accumulation of mucus in the nose and throat.

According to a study from the CHEST Journal, drinking warm water can speed up the movement of mucus in the nasal area by 8.4 mm (previously 6.2 mm)

And don’t forget that removing mucus essentially means removing bacteria!

Improves digestion

Warmer water can help your digestion by causing blood vessels to dilate and in turn lower your blood pressure. It will make your ingested food to break down easily.

For people with esophageal motility who have difficulty swallowing,  drinking warm water can help them swallow more painlessly.

Increases metabolism

Warmer water can help you increase your metabolism. And if you’re trying to lose weight for a long time you know how hard it is to change your metabolism, and how important it is for the process of losing weight.

It actually feels good

And it can make you feel good any time of the year, not just when it is cold and snowy.

Drinking a warm glass of water in the morning can turn you into a more “warmer” person. It happens because the brain receptors that are in charge of judging other people are also stimulated when you drink a warm beverage.

And a glass of warmer water in the morning will ensure that you’ll treat other people warmer than usual.

Relieves constipation

Experts in homeopathy recommend drinking warm water if you suffer from constipation problem. It is also advised to add lemon or honey to the warmer water for further improvement. For maximum effect, drink the cup before breakfast.

Cleanses and purifies your blood

If you are more concerned about eliminating toxins and various other waste from your blood, then start your day with warm water that kept in a container made out of copper. I will also help your liver and has anti-aging properties.

Removes Obesity and Cholesterol

When taken in combination with lime juice and some honey, warm water can assist you with your weight and cholesterol problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends drinking warm water in between your meals and whenever you feel hungry.

They believe that the warmer water can help your digestive system break down fats more quickly.

Source: Health and Love Page ; CureJoy

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