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The Amazing Reason Why Cinnamon Is Better For Pain Removing Compared To Ibuprofen

Why use drugs and painkillers with side effects? Why not opt for natural and safer?


New studies revealed cinnamon removes pain from periods, this was seen In college ages students.

The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research said the effect of cinnamon and ibuprofen for pain was a randomized trial, said experts of Iran for the effect of 420 mg cinnamon, 400 mg ibuprofen or placebo, divided in 3 groups, total 38 women.

Pain and intensity were monitored and the severity and duration of pain for both groups were p<0.001. 4 hours post intervention, there were no variations between placebo and cinnamon groups p>0.05. after 8 hours, the severity for cinnamon group was lower than placebo p<0.001. after many time intervals, the severity for ibuprofen group was less than cinnamon and placebo p<0.001


The experts said cinnamon is the best and safest method so far for PMS pains. More studies are needed to see the effect of this spice regarding menstruation.


Why we think this spice beats the ibuprofen? We know the dangers of the drug that will kill 1000 from heart problems alone, so cinnamon is safer and natural. Unlike the ibuprofen, cinnamon has no damage on the heart. It also lowers pressure and blood sugar too, both vital for heart issues.

As far as PMS and bleedings a recent random double-blind trial said the severity of pain was reduced in women so this was a success.

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