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With This Liquid You Can Get Rid Of Ear Wax. I Would Never Have Thought Of This

How to clean your ears without using cotton swabs

Most people aren’t big fans of ear wax and will stop at nothing to get it out of their ears. They poke and prod with cotton swabs enjoying the satisfying feeling of scraping out the sticky, yellow-brown substance and think that they’re doing something good for their health in the process.

But the truth is that ear wax is there for a reason. It’s a natural substance produced by our bodies that helps to protect the inner ear. Our bodies have a self-cleaning system that removes the old stuff so there’s actually no need to start poking around in there. In fact, removing ear wax with a cotton swab can throw the ear’s natural system out of whack and it might start producing even more wax!


Another problem with cotton swabs is that they tend to push a certain amount of wax deeper into the ear canal which can lead to blockages that have to removed by doctor. Pushing the cotton swab in too deep can also injure the ear drum and cause permanent damage. But if you really feel the need to do something about the wax buildup in your ears, there is a much safer method for removing it:

Pour one drop of 3% hydrogen peroxide in your ear 10 minutes before taking a shower. You can find hydrogen peroxide in most drug stores. During the shower the dissolved wax will simply flow out of your ear and down the drain. You can do this safely about once a month.

Before you try this there are a few notes of caution. First, never use a peroxide solution higher than 3%. Second, if your ears are very dry, you should not use peroxide at all. Instead, try a drop of mineral oil which should help to restore the natural wax level. And third, if you are having any problems with your ears, be sure to consult a doctor.

Removing a bit of excess wax is one thing, but taking matters into your own hands when it comes to personal health, without consulting a professional, is never a good idea.

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