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Twin Sisters Reveal The Secret to Long Life on Their 100th Birthday

Rene and Phil are twin sisters who have just celebrated their 100th birthday. All of their lives they have shared the same school, job and all of their birthday celebrations. They are not identical twins, but are exceptionally similar and very close. What is unique about them is that they share each other’s first name as a middle name.

A hundred years old

Rene and Phil are born on November 20, 1916 and Rene is 25 minutes younger from Phil. Nowadays, they live together in Stourport, Worcester. It’s their closeness that made them live together and share everything.

In good shape

For a hundred-year-olds, Rene and Phil are in a good shape, although Rene can’t walk very far, but Phil is able to walk around the block every single day. Rene points out that she was always slightly fat compared to Phil because she was a farmer’s wife.

Sadly, Phil has vascular dementia, a type of disease that brings about lower blood supply to the brain as a result of diseases blood vessels. For that reason, her son Carl and her daughter-in-law visit her every day.


A Special Birthday Gift

What they only wanted for their birthdays was donations to the air ambulance. They only wanted donations instead of presents.

What’s their secret?

What’s the secret of a hundred years life? Rene claims that healthy food and hard work play a significant role in everyone’s life. So, healthy diet and a right attitude have helped these twins to celebrate their hundred birthdays.

Living independently

Longevity is a characteristic of their family because their older sister died in 2006, when she was 92 years old. Also, their husbands lived into their nineties. Rene’s husband passed away in 1999 while Phyllis, died in 2006 at the age of 91. Rene never had children while Phyl has a son, Carl, who visits her every day.

According to him, they get on well despite having some moments from time to time.


Carl points out the difference in characters, despite their closeness. He claims that his aunt Rene is always very careful and methodical while his mother always rushes.

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