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This Could Be The Main Cause of Breast Cancer … Stop Eating This Food Right Now!

One study reveals that only one food can increase the risk of this disease. Animal milk would be the cause of breast cancer in the Western world.

We consume it daily, it is part of all our meals of the day, we prepare desserts, shakes or salty preparations … what food is so versatile? According to the results of a study recently revealed makes cow’s milk, or that of any non – human animal , it would be one of the main causes that can cause breast cancer.

While it is necessary to have a certain genetic predisposition for the disease, research accuse milk as the cause of breast cancer, increasing the risk depending on the frequency, quantity and quality of food. Today we tell you everything that this study revealed and what are the factors to take into account.


Milk could be the main cause of breast cancer.

An investigation conducted by the University of Bergen, Norway , found a direct link between milk and the occurrence of lymphomas, more precisely breast lymphomas. As could be seen, those women who consumed three or more glasses of milk a day had a 3.4 times greater risk of developing breast cancer. What made milk the main cause of breast cancer.

The study followed the milk consumption of 16,000 patients for a year and a half. At the same time, statistical research was conducted on the consumption of animal milk in the countries of the world and cancer. Thus, it was determined that the highest incidence of breast cancer is found in Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada and the United States. Countries with a high level in milk consumption. In turn, breast cancer is practically not present in societies where animal milk is not consumed, especially in Eastern countries.

Probably not the milk itself the cause of breast cancer but rather all the ingredients with which it is enriched . It has been shown that growth hormone with which the animals are fed, they are then present in milk. The same applies to the additives fattening.

On the other hand Norwegian scientists showed that the study was found that women who drank more than three glasses of milk a day consumed twice synthetic vitamin D compared to other patients. Milks are “enriched” with this vitamin that the body is already able to produce when exposed to the sun.

Other factors that may cause breast cancer is the type of diet that we perform, different from Eastern cultures. In the West, sugar and refined flour are abundant, as is excessive consumption of meat and junk food; With a decrease in the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Other factors that increase the risk of cancer is the use of tight bras for more than 12 hours . If you take it off when you get home, you can reduce your chances of getting cancer by 20%.

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