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Fermented Beets Fight Cancer, Support Heart Health & Boost Your Immune System(Recipes Included)

Beets are the vegetables which we so much need and should consume it on a regular basis just because the list of benefits is enormous. However, fermented beets are also another way to consume valuable nutrients, but unlike consuming raw beets, fermented beets contain less sugar than the raw ones.

As healthy as they may be, you should limit the amount of intake of raw beetroots just because they contain a great amount of sugar. Fermented beets are known as the healthiest veggies out there, and this is due to the fact that fermented food contains good bacteria or probiotics, which is known to promote our overall health and at the same time, the valuable nutrients of raw beets are still present.

Health benefits of Raw Beetroots

As previously mentioned, raw beets and beet juice as well, may not be the best call for unlimited amount of consumption because of the high sugar content. However, besides the sugar there are a lot of nutrients in beetroots that you should never ignore, because the overall health depends on them.


  1. Beets boost the Immune system

-Beets are known as the immune system boosters, due to the high presence of vitamin C and other valuable nutrients such as potassium, fiber, manganese, vitamin B and folate. All of these nutrients work up just perfectly to build up your immune system and strengthen it.

  1. Beets lower the blood pressure

-You can also take full advantage of the beet juice, which aside from being extremely delicious, it’s also healthy and nutritious. One of the benefits, includes lowering the blood pressure. The nutrients in beets are converted into nitric oxide in your body, which helps in relaxing the blood vessels and therefore improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

  1. Beets have anti-cancer properties

-This is stated due to the various studies done on animals, where beet root juice has shown positive results and reduced the formation of the tumor. This is thanks to the potent phytonutrients, which are responsible for the color of the beets as well as the anti-cancerous properties.

  1. Beets are a great detox for your body

-If you want to cleanse your organism from all the harmful and toxic materials in your body, then a beetroot juice is the perfect call for you. Beets are known to cleanse the body, especially the liver and blood from all the harmful materials.

  1. Beets have anti-inflammatory properties

-Beet roots are also known to protect the body due to the betaine presence, which helps in the protection of the proteins, cells as well as enzymes from the outdoor influences. Beets have anti-inflammatory properties and they are helpful in preventing many diseases and provide a protection of the internal organs.

  1. Beets increase your strength

-This benefit is due to the beneficial nutrients in beets, which are turned into nitric oxidate and hence the prolonged stamina and more strength to endure a physical as well as mental activity. So, if you’re one of those people who love a good workout, beetroot juice is the perfect choice for you. It will increase you tolerance to intensive exercises and will as well prolong your work out period by 16 %.

The Power of Fermented Beets

Since you’ve got acquainted with the numerous health benefits of raw beets, you may want to know what fermented beets have to offer, because they are becoming extremely popular in our country, but in fact they originate from Ukraine, Russia and other eastern countries. The best thing about the fermentation is that the powerful nutrients of raw beets are all preserved, whereas the fermentation allows the veggie to be even more powerful and nutritious, due to the process of fermentation and the production of good bacteria and enzymes.

Fermented beet, or as it’s known in the eastern countries, the beet kvass has been extremely popular in countries such as Russia and now, the popularity of fermented food increases as the health benefits are listed and updated almost every day.

Some of the health benefits of beet kvass include:

  • boosts the immune system
  • cleanses the body as well as the blood from toxic materials
  • eases the problems with the digestive system
  • performs as a natural probiotic
  • helps in treating kidney stones
  • eases allergies
  • helps in slowing down the aging process in humans (including wrinkles, spotting of the skin and gray hair)
  • improves and promotes the metabolic activity

Only listed a few, beet kvass is one amazing recipe that you must try!

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