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How Oregano Tea Cure Coughs, Sinusitis and Infections

Oregano is an important medicinal and culinary herb that belongs to the group of mint family. Along its uses in different dishes, it is a perfect ingredient for a brewing tea. The oregano tea is an potent herbal supplement that can be used for numerous treatments. Researches have found that the vitamins and minerals this tea contains makes it an effective supplemental drink.

It is rich in vitamins A, K, C and minerals including iron, calcium and manganese. It also abounds in other substances such as omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids.

Health Benefits of Oregano Tea

1.Anti-bacterial Qualities

The oregano tea provides the body and anti-bacterial protection for the whole day. It is also rich in oils including thymol and carvacrol oil that successfully fight bacteria.


The researchers claim that the oregano herb can successfully fight infections, caused by the amoeba Giardia lamblia better than the recommended drug tinidazol. By a regular consumption of this tea, you will prevent such microbe infections and will suppress their development.

2. Anti-Cancer Agent

It’s the fiber in oregano tea that binds cancer-causing toxins and bile salts in the colon thus removing them from the body. It makes the body break down the cholesterol in order to make more bile salts and in that way, reduces the risk of colon cancer and high levels of cholesterol.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of oregano slow down and prevent the growth of prostate and breast cancer.


This is an effective natural remedy that treats nasal congestion because it is a safe and potent antihistamine.

By 2-3 drops of this oil to half a cup of boiling water and you will release blocked nasal passages and throat. All you need to do is, take a towel, cover your head and inhale the steam from it.

Also, you can add 3 drops of oregano oil to some of juice. Do this every day for 3-5 days.

4.Treats Common Cold

The antioxidant and antiseptic properties of oregano make it a powerful cure for treating common cold.

When you feel that a cold or sore throat is coming, add 3 drops of this oil to an orange juice. Drink it once a day for 5 days and the symptoms will be gone. You can drink oregano tea 2-3 times a day for relieving any symptoms of a cold.

5.Manages Weight

The oregano tea is famous for its high amount of fiber. The fiber will control weight, keep your body fit and reduce the chance of various diseases.

Recipe for Oregano Tea:

You need the following ingredients:

  • Fresh oregano leaves – 4-6 tbsp.
  • Cups of water – 2 ½
  • Organic raw honey – 1 tbsp.

Method of preparation:

First, cut the leaves to release the oil. Then boil the water for 10 minutes. When it boils, add the oregano leaves and soak them for 5 minutes. Strain the mixture and add the honey to it. Consume while still hot in order to gain the maximum benefits.

Source: https://www.healthandlovepage.com

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