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Meat tenderizer isn’t just for cooking. Rub it on your skin for this bizarre but useful result

With the arrival of the warm summer season also comes the onslaught of annoying bugs! These unpleasant blood suckers want nothing more than to take a bite out of you and leave their itchy and miserable mark on your sensitive skin. However, there are natural home remedies for treating these bites easily and quickly.

Banana Peels

While you’re probably not likely to have a stray banana peel just lying around, it wouldn’t hurt to keep a spare banana on standby! After a mosquito decides to make you her lunch, eat the banana and then save the peel for the offending insect injustice that was left on your skin. Dr. Axe recommends rubbing the inside of banana peel on mosquito bites to reduce the itchiness. Injustice solved!


Meat Tenderizer For Stings

Humans are made of flesh, so it’s not really a big leap to consider using meat tenderizer on your body! WebMD‘s Rod Moser, a licensed physicians assistant, recommends using a meat tenderizer to fight non-yellow jacket stings. To use, mix the meat tenderizer with water until a paste is formed. Rub it on the bite, and the hurtful sting will be a thing of the past.

Rubbing Alcohol Trick

According to About.com‘s chemistry expert Anne Marie Helmenstine, insect bites itch because of the saliva the pesky buggers leave behind after they’re done snacking. To treat itchiness, you need to inactivate the reactive chemicals in the saliva. However, rubbing alcohol actually tricks your brain into not feeling the itch. After you dab a bit of rubbing alcohol on the bite, it will evaporate and leave a cooling sensation behind. You’ll feel more of the cooling sensation rather than the itch.

Ice Ice Baby

Per WebMD, an application of ice will help reduce the swelling of an insidious bee stinger. Wrap a towel in ice and alternate the application with 10 minutes on, and 10 minutes off. Not only will it turn down the swelling a notch, but it will also numb the itchiness so that you don’t feel it. Also consider taking an antihistamine to reduce the possibilities of an allergic reaction.

Baking Soda And Witch Hazel

Baking soda and witch hazel are common household items that can be found in your kitchen or beauty cabinet. Make a potent bug bite potion by mixing the two together! Dr. Mercola states that witch hazel works synergistically with baking soda to reduce the swelling. Form a paste using both products, and apply a thin layer to the bite.

Get Muddy!

This natural remedy can be found just about anywhere! Let your inner child out and slather your bite with a bit of mud. Fox News writer and “medicine hunter” Chris Kilham says that mud is the oldest remedy known to man when it comes to treating bug bites. It can soothe the pain of stings and bites, while drawing out the toxins. Now you have a great excuse to play in the mud with your kids.

Lovely Lavender

Lavender essential oil is known to have soothing and calming properties that will bring down the itchiness several notches. According to Dr. Axe, lavender also has antimicrobial properties that can also help heal the wound. As with all essential oils that are applied topically, you should dilute the lavender oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba. To use, apply a couple of drops of lavender to a tablespoon of coconut oil, and rub on the offending bug bite. Not only will it calm the redness, but it will make you smell wonderful too!

Watch this video for 3 new ways you can treat mosquito bug bites.

End The Itchiness

Bug bites can ruin your fun in the sun, but these easy remedies can get you back outside and enjoying the outdoors without an itch in sight! Not only are these solutions inexpensive, but you probably already have some of these in your kitchen or medicine cabinets, and almost everyone has access to good old mud!

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