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Do You Know What Will Happen If You Drink Coconut Water For 7 Days

Many people claim that coconut water has an amazing effect on human health. At some point, you have probably heard about the advantages that coconut oil can provide.

It is a fact that coconut water has for all intents and purposes comparative structure to the blood plasma which is shown in the circulation system in each of us.

Thus, this surprisingly wonderful water made far reaching use in the past war conflicts, when it was regularly utilized as a substitute for blood plasma in light of the fact that it was basic for the survival of limitless number of war casualties. The various injured and harmed individuals were given coconut water amid awful and prolonged battles.

Both coconut water and coconut oil offer some incredible benefits. So what happens when you drink coconut water every day for a week?

  1. Your immune system will be stronger.

Coconut water helps strengthen your immune system and remove bacteria that can cause infections, gum disease, and viruses that cause the cold. Some purport it to be good at clearing Gonorrhea from the system as well, but if you suspect you have an STD, get tested and if you test positive, seek traditional treatment. STDs are nothing to mess with.

  1. You’ll have more energy.

When you drink coconut water, the hormones the thyroid glands produces will be produced more easily, thus boosting energy and metabolism.

  1. Your kidneys will be healthier.

Coconut water is a natural diuretic, which is helpful in preventing kidney disease. It helps clear the urinary tract and bladder. It may even break down kidney stones.

So to sum it up, you’ll be less likely to sick, your kidneys will be healthier, and the cherry on top is extra energy. That sounds good to me! What kind of coconut water is your favorite? I personally don’t like the taste of coconuts so I sneak it into my smoothies every morning.

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