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Avoid These Foods If You Take Antibiotics

Have you known some foods interfere with the power of antibiotics? And drinks too? Nobody likes the agony of taking meds for too long, but take into consideration that the diet has a great influence on the health and meds processes.

There are many reasons why a bad diet will make the antibiotics useless. First, it confuses the body when the medicine needs to be broken down. Secondly, it makes the belly emptying slower and this makes the drug absorption harder. In some cases, drug cannot be absorbed and it is of no use.

The next time a doctor tells you to get antibiotics also remember to ask about the diet along this and the drinks too. These things are not recommended while on antibiotics:



Sour cream, cheese, butter, milk, ice cream – everything dairy is a NO! the calcium in huge amounts stops the effect of the antibiotics. But, you CAN have YOGHURT only. It has probiotics that aid in digestion and gut flora, reducing diarrhea and other issues too.


Same as the calcium, this also blocks the medicine effect. Avoid liver of chicken, red meat, nuts, squash, oysters, dark greens, dark chocolate too. If you take iron supplements, stop the for the time being. Or at least have them 3 hours later than the meal you had.


This beverage has no effect on the medicine. But why is it on this list? Sthe alcohol causes the side effects of the antibiotics and this is dizziness or gastro issues (diarrhea).


Having a citrus is a good way to feel fresh in no time and get the vitamin C you need. But, in this case of meds, avoid them. Also, avoid lemons, tangerines, oranges and grapefruit especially.


Avoid everything acidic, not just the fruits. Avoid the chocolates, sugars, coffee, sodas, packed juices, and sports drinks too.


Fibers are healthy, no doubt about that. But, you have to avoid rice, whole wheat bread, oats, cereals, nuts, beans, leafy greens and corn for the time being.

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