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You Will Never Buy Butter From The Store Again After You Have Made This Yourself (Two-Ingredient Recipe)

Butter is made from pasteurized milk, which means that most of the butter sold on the markets worldwide is unhealthy.

Homemade organic butter is very nutritious as it is rich in vitamins and minerals present in raw milk. It is also rich in vitamin A- an important vitamin for the health of the eyes, tissues, teeth, membranes, and skin. What’s more, it has a crucial role in gene transcription. Homemade, organic butter can protect from cancer as it contains short and medium chain fatty acids.




  • 2 cups of organic heavy cream
  • Sea salt


Put the cream into a food processor and process it for 10 minutes. When you get a thick whipped cream, continue processing it until the mixture becomes grainy and it divides into butter and buttermilk. This is when you need to drain the buttermilk from butter.

Next, put the butter into a colander and strain the buttermilk. Then, rinse the butter by turning it with a spoon while cold water runs over until it’s clean. When the butter is cleaned, squeeze liquid from it by smashing it with a wooden spoon. Add a bit of sea salt if you want to. At the end, put the butter into a jar and store it in the fridge.

Its shelf-life is long, i.e. it can last up to several months.

Check the video below to see the whole procedure of the butter making:

Source: http://thehealthguide.org/

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