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This is Why You Need to STOP Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach!

When you wake up, the first thing you would probably think of is a cup of coffee. However, this is not the perfect habit for your body.

This article will point out how important is to break this habit of consuming coffee on an empty stomach.

1. Stomach acids

Our stomach is full with acids that help us digest our food. When drinking coffee on an empty stomach, the acids from the stomach combine with the acids from the coffee and create an acidic environment. This is an ideal condition for development of cancerous cells.


2. Anxiety

The morning coffee prevent the brain from producing serotonin, the hormone of calmness. When there is no enough serotonin, the body faces depression and anxiety. In fact, it boosts your body with cortisol and adrenaline, causing even greater anxiety. This would make you feel jitter and more nervous.

3. Dehydration

According to the experts, the morning coffee will increase the amount of body fluids and will cause dehydration of the body.

But if you strive for another cup of coffee even before you eat something, like most Americans do, you just make the situation even worse.

4. Loss of appetite

The coffee on an empty stomach will make you feel sated but without food.

If practiced very often, the body will start losing weight due to the lack of breakfast.

You might think that this is the perfect way to lose weight but the omission of breakfast, one of the most important meals in the day, is not what you should practice.

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