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The Most Popular Shaving Cream Contains 10 Chemicals that Cause Cancer and Destroy Your Liver

Everyday we expose ourselves to dangerous, toxic chemicals. Some are known to contain cancer causing agents, contribute to hormone imbalance, headaches, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, learning disabilities, hyperactivity and irritability. Shaving creams are loaded with toxic ingredients, including phthalates, parfum and triethanolamine.

Here’s the effects these toxins pose against your health:

Phthalates: Phthalates can disrupt the functioning of hormones, which can harm important balances throughout the entire body, including those impacting the immune system and brain. Traces of phthalate metabolites found in human urine are associated with obesity and insulin resistance in men because they inhibit testosterone function. About 80% of people are exposed to this type of toxin.


ISOPENTANE: This chemical helps some ingredients to dissolve into others.  It can also cause dry skin, contact dermatitis, dizziness, headaches, and nose and throat irritation.

Parfum (fragrance): Would you rather smell good or live longer? Parfum is a potpourri of toxicity, with many of the 3,000 chemicals used to make fragrance untested — neither in isolation nor in combination. Some that have been submitted to lab tests, however, have been associated with neurotoxicity and cancer. So either perform the extensive research to determine what those cancer-causing chemicals are, or just cut the stuff.

Methylparaben is used as a preservative, mimics estrogen (see Sodium Lauryl Sulphate above) and has been linked to tumor growth.

Triethanolamine:  This ingredient, along with DEA (diethanolamine) and MEA (monoethanolamine) are responsible for the foaming attributes of shave creams and gels. Research has linked them with hormone disruption, and they can form cancer-causing nitrates and nitrosamines. They are easily absorbed by your skin.Triethanolamine is a skin and respiratory toxicant. What’s more, animal studies have also shown Triethanolamine can cause bladder and liver cancer, as well as cell mutation in testicles.

POLYTETRAFLUORETHYLENE:  A chemical found in Teflon, the non-stick component in cookware, that has been linked with a number of health problems including osteoarthritis, heart disease, early-onset menopause, and breast cancer. You’ll find it in some shave gels (often as “PTFE”).

Other offenders include parabens, which increase the risk of breast cancer in women, and sodium lauryl sulfate, which is toxic to organs and can cause cell mutation that leads to cancer.

Source: http://livingtraditionally.com/

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