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Say Goodbye To Migraines With A Simple Salt Solution

Use Salt To Stop A Terrible Headache Immediately – Here’s How

In the grand scheme of things, “a headache” seems like a relatively small struggle. However, try telling this to someone who suffers from meltdown migraines and debilitating headaches – a common condition which can make even the smallest of tasks impossible to perform.

According to WebMD, the pounding, aching, throbbing pains associated with migraines have the ability to cause nausea, sensitivity to light, and even vomiting.


Sadly, many of the pain relieving options available today come with side effects similar to the condition that you are attempting to soothe. Many over-the-counter medications may temporarily relieve your pain, but unfortunately some of the possible side effects listed on the bottle may include: nausea, rash, liver damage, upset stomach, heartburn, stomach ulcers, kidney problems, allergic reaction, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

And we are left with a choice: do we take the store-bought medication in the hopes of relieving our pain temporarily, while chancing the harmful and dangerous side effects – or do we live with the pain?

Well, thankfully there is a solution to our pain problems which is safe, natural, inexpensive, and effective. Cure a migraine headache in under 5 minutes using two simple kitchen ingredients.

The combination of lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt have the miraculous power to soothe the migraine pains you’ve been suffering from, in a healthy way. Livestrong explains that Himalayan sea salt has the ability to help detoxify the body; it promotes healthy system functioning; and it is naturally harvested, so its minerals have not undergone refinement or chemical processing.

Simply mix the juice of one lemon and 2 teaspoons of Himalayan sea salt into a glass of water, and drink. This miraculous migraine mixture is certain to soothe your pounding problem – often within minutes.

Watch the making of this migraine “medicine” in the following video:

Headaches happen – it’s knowing how to battle them (safely, naturally, and effectively) that matters. Share this migraine mixture with your loved ones, and help soothe the headache hurt!

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