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Mothers Be Aware: This Vaccine Is Destroying Your Daughters Ovaries And Reproductive System

The corporate Merch & Co produce a vaccine called Gardasil for human papillomavirus. What is really appalling is that this company did not examine this vaccine on the reproductive system of women.

Due to vaccine deadly side effects, an Australian girl has experienced terrible consequences; her ovaries have been completely destroyed. A story about this 16-year-old girl was published by British Medical journal.

This present adolescent’s ovaries were totally obliterated before they could create, she entered early menopause, and on account of this, her full womanhood was discredited. .Parents should be warned by this example not to allow the use of Gardasil in the case of their daughters.


This recent study gave the evidence that this vaccine seriously damages the function of ovaries, 3 years after the menarche in a 16-year-old girl who took human papillomavirus vaccine, under the title Premature ovarian failure.

It was checked amid an examination that her ovaries were in a flawless condition before the immunization, and there were no other influences that could have influenced the condition of her ovaries, other than Gardasil.

Moreover, it was stated that Merck did not even test the safety of this vaccine in relation to its effects on the reproductive systems in women, by the Australian Therapeutic Administration (TGA), which is the Australian equivalent of the (FDA). They only tested its effects on male testes.

The report says “ Although the TGA’s Australian Public Report for  Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent Vaccine, February 2011, does report on the histology of vaccinated rat testes end epididymides, no histological report has been available for vaccinated rat ovaries. A histological report on the ovaries of vaccinated rats remained unavailable beyond a numbering of the corpora lutea present at postweaning euthanasia following the first litter”.

A large part of one girls’ life has been destroyed, and the only plausible explanation is that the cause is the Gardasil vaccination. This vaccine is sold as a cervical cancer preventative, though it has never been shown to prevent any cancer of any kind. Cancer prevention has never been more than a presumption, based on a possible connection between human papillomavirus and cervical cancer. No cause-and-effect has ever been documented.

The reports of deaths and debility from Gardasil keep pouring in. As this girl’s plight demonstrates, Gardasil cannot be assumed to be safe. It is highly significant—not to mention suspicious—missing data.

We don’t know, of course, whether Merck calculatedly avoided doing the studies on ovaries or is refusing to release data on such studies because of its damning nature. We do, though, know that the very fact that it’s missing—especially in light of equivalent data on the male reproductive tract being available—must be treated as suspicious.

Certainly, the combination of one girl’s loss of her ovaries, the probability of there being many others, and the utterly callous disregard for its potentially devastating effects, is more than enough reason to remove Gardasil from the market.

Surely, it should be removed from governmental lists of mandated vaccines.

Source: http://www.themagicoflife.info/

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