We present you another beneficial tip for maintaining the hygiene in your home. We are talking about freshener for the toilet and the bath.

This small, but important room of your house needs to be kept especially clean and fresh. You can achieve having a great, natural smell in your bathroom, not an artificial one that comes from the stores, signed ‘air freshener’.

Here is a natural air freshener that is made of natural ingredients only, prepared in several minutes and due to these things, many people will like it. Unlike the industrial products, this air freshener has a constant fragrance.


The preparation process is very easy and quick.

If you want to make sure that the freshness in your bathroom is going to be constant, prepare this natural air freshener that requires the following things:

– Essential oil of your choice

– Roll/rolls of toilet paper

And this is it!

You just need a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Pour the drops on the inside of the toilet roll/rolls where the paper itself is wound, and this is it!

The preparation of this air freshener could not be easier. The aroma of the essential oil will be present in the bathroom until you finish with the use of the paper roll.

You can use various oils for this purpose. Often times, people have more than one roll of toilet paper in the bathroom: one on the toilet paper holder and others standing on the shelf in the bathroom.

Do this with all toilet paper rolls.

Your bathroom is going to smell great! Especially when you start unrolling the toilet paper.

You will get a double benefit if you use this trick: you will get a refreshing, natural scent in the bathroom and scented toilet paper.

So, do not hesitate and try this trick.

Source: http://www.non-stophealthy.com/

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