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Say goodbye to diabetes and excess weight effortlessly!

More recently diabetes is unfortunately among the most common diseases.

The most secure means of treatment may be insulin, as it normalizes blood glucose levels. But why do not try to avoid the daily pin prick? Try some natural treatments before you start to insulin, or if you already use it, try thus to facilitate and stimulate the work of the pancreas.

Here is a simple but very effective recipe, which will normalize blood sugar levels and remove excess fluid from the body!

Necessary products:

bottle of mineral water (2 liters)
one head leek with roots


Method of preparation:

From the bottle of mineral water from two liters pour about 50-60 ml and then into it add one head leek with a bit roots, as previously well you wash it and you’ve cleaned from the soil. Leave it to stay in the dark place for a period of 24 hours. Consume from the liquid as a substitute for water.

When you finish the drink , you should prepare another dose, in the same way. The amount of this drug is not limited, so you can drink as much as you need.

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