Remember This: It’s 100 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy: Miracle Plant, Which Kills Cancer Cells For 48 Hours!

The tea from dandelion acts on cancer cells, within 48 hours, while not allowing to attack the healthy cells.

This herb is very neglected and has many medicinal properties, and all you have to do is to gather from a purely field, away from road transport.

While our grandparents were aware, that the syrup of dandelion contains many healing substances, today is known ,that the root of the dandelion can help cancer patients.

Scientists have found that the roots of this herb “work” better than chemotherapy because only kill cancer cells.

University of Windsor in Canadaconduct a study into the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the results give a new hope to cancer patients.

It was found that the roots of dandelion effectively “kill” cells affected by cancer, without impacting other cells in the body.


According to the study, dandelion acts on cancer cells, thus destroying about 48 hours, and at this time any healthy cell will not be sick.

It is concluded,that continuously treatment with this plant can destroy the most cancer cells, but because of the wonderful results that is given this plant, a team of researchers has received a majority support for further research on this herb.

John Di Carlo, who is 72 years personally convinced of the healing properties of dandelion, while unsuccessfully treated for three years.

As an alternative been drinking the tea from dandelion root, and only after four months this man experienced a complete cure of the disease

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