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Most Popular Tea Bags Contain Illegal Quantities of Deadly Pesticides (avoid these brands at all costs)

Nowadays it is difficult to buy food without pesticides, because we are surrounded by pesticides of what we buy in stores.

Hence, in aiming at health preservation and avoid negative impacts, it is necessary to make a few efforts, and begin to eat only organic foods, and the first thing you need to do is to wash the food that you buy in the store. However, these toxic pesticides seem to anyway find a method to be part of our lives and threaten our health.

A recent study showed increased levels of these hazardous chemicals in the most well known brands of tea bags, such as Tetley and Lipton.

The investigation was conducted by CBC News on tea bags produced by popular companies around the world, including:

This is only part of the list

Tetley Tea
Lipton Tea (Yellow Label Black Tea and Green Tea Pure)
King Cole Tea
Red Rose Tea
Uncle Lee Legends of China (jasmine green tea and green tea)

The researchers used an accredited laboratory for testing of pesticides on the dry tea leaves, the same technique that works in the national agency for food inspection.

lipton tea

They discovered that more than half of teas includes pesticide residues in illegally large quantities. In addition, eight of the ten teas tested included a variety of chemicals, as well, with one brand of tea there are more than 22 different kinds of pesticides.

In addition, some of the pesticides detected in these teas, as monocrotophos and endosulfan, are in the process of being banned in several countries, such as the negative impact on the environment and pose a threat to workers who handle it.

Although most teas includes traces of pesticides, some brands have been shown to have too much quantity of of these hazardous pesticides, which goes further than the legislative limits.

Therefore be aware that the best tea brands are the ones that do not contain any pesticides. However, following the tea bags brands are the worst possible option that should be avoided at any price,in order to preserve your health:

King Cole – very popular in our country – This tea is high in pesticides, as well as monocrotophos, has not yet prohibited, but is in the process, because it leads to irregular heartbeat, coma and other problems

Uncle Lee Legends of China (green tea). New studies have identified over 20 various types of pesticides, including endosulfan in this popular tea, which is also in the process to be banned pesticide in many countries because it causes various side effects,as nervous disorders system, jitter, and its consumption has cause death in some instances.

No Name. This tea contains over ten various types of pesticides. These results lead to a reaction from the manufacturing company for tea.

James O ‘Young, vice president of Uncle Lee Legends of China, a popular tea brand that is determined to be the most pesticides, defended his brand arguing that al tea contains pesticides in the content. He said:

“If you drink tea, regular tea, I do not care what brand it is, is a fact of life, this agricultural product does not have pesticides.”

He said that the study conducted by the CBC showed that the red rose was the only brand that does not contain any pesticides out of 10 tested is not true. It shows that tea can be grown without pesticides and that his statement is only one of many of the large corporations, to cheat customers.

So, should support those companies that produce tea without pesticides avoiding those that are filled with it, such as Uncle Lee.

For a full list of various tea brands, click here.

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