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If you have any of these seven symptoms go to a doctor immediately. You could have cancer of the cervix.

Here are the 7 symptom of cancer cervix

This type of cancer – cancer of the cervix – affects many women around the world.
Only in Japan does not exist as a problem thanks to the excellent prevention.

This type of cancer usually develops slowly and hidden. It can be diagnosed by chance during a gynecological examination.

Here are the 7 symptom of cancer cervix

This gives a chance to detect the disease at an early stage, then the chances of recovery are right 100%.

But this news is really positive.

What causes this type of cancer?


1. Human papillomavirus
The main cause of infection is the human papilloma virus (HPV). It is present in almost all patients diagnosed with cancer of the cervix.

This virus is transmitted sexually, and therefore the risk increases significantly in people with multiple sexual partners and promiscuity.

Most of these infections do not cause harm, but in some cases they turn into malignant tumors and could lead to the development of this cancer.

2. Other risk factors.
In addition to the papillomavirus following factors increase the risk of cancer of the cervix:

-Cigarettes: Smoking doubles the risk among women compared with those who do not smoke.
Earlier age at first sexual intercourse
-Some Drugs that reduce the ability of the immune system. To cope with HIV infection or other cancers.
-Use of the oral contraceptives.

Here are the main 7 symptoms :

1. Gently separate the watery liquid of blood between the periods of the cycle, or immediately after it.
2. As long and heavy menstruation than usual.
3. Pain during intercourse.
4. Pain in the pubic area.
5. Bleeding after sexual intercourse.
6. Increasing the amount of the vaginal discharge (which can have a bright pink or brown color). Sometimes with a strong odor.
7. Bleeding after menopause.

The symptoms of the later stages of the cancer of the cervix are changed.
May occur:

Back pains
Bone problems (pain and even fractures)
Severe fatigue for no apparent reason
Traces of urine or faeces into the vagina
Pain in the legs and pelvis
Sudden weight loss
Swelling in one leg

What should do ?

If you suddenly find yourself with signs of cancer of the cervix, the most important thing is to begin treatment.

The first step is to consult a doctor permissible soon as possible and to make the necessary tests, in order to diagnose.

In case of positive results, treatment will depend on the size and shape of the tumor, a woman’s decision to have children in the future.

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