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When I Found Out, Immediately I Stopped Throw Away Eggshells – Unbelievable, They Changed My Life!

Egg shell to 90% consists of high levels of calcium and phosphorus in the compound of potassium, iron, magnesium and silicon. Calcium that we consume along with the shell, very easily absorbed by the body – at times better than special supplements!

The beneficial properties of the shell have been known since ancient times, when in many healers recipes present rich in calcium powder of eggshells.

Research scientists from the US, Canada and Hungary have shown – the shell in its composition remarkably resembles the those of human teeth and bones. Regular use of egg shell powder will help you to prevent osteoporosis and forget about diseases caused by calcium deficiency.


As we know, calcium helps the body produce new cells from the bone marrow – it is extremely important for our health!

The powder from eggshells:

* Normalize blood pressure;
* Reduces levels of bad cholesterol;
* Prevents the onset of osteoporosis;
* Timely cure acid in the stomach;
* Is used for the prevention of rickets and anemia in children – it is due to the iron content in the shell of the egg;
* Removes radionuclides from the body;
* Used to treat allergy;
* Normalizes metabolism and reduces natural weight;
* Returns the beauty of hair and nails;
* Successfully treat acne – shell contains zinc, which has a beneficial effect on the skin;
* Treat chronic diseases of internal organs.

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How to prepare:

Always use fresh raw egg shells. Empty the contents of the egg shell and rinse well. Then boil for 5 minutes.
Dry the shells – after 5-6 hours will be ready for use.
Separate a thin membrane inside the shell, then prepare the powder, as crushed shells in a bowl, as is possible finely .
Store the powder eggshell in a dry, dark place in a tightly closed container.

You can use the shell and from the boiled eggs for the preparation of powder, but it is believed that they are less effective from the shell of raw eggs. No matter what are the egg – white or brown.

For egg powder are used hens and quail eggs.

Goose and duck are not recommended for use – on their shell are often found the causes salmonellosis and other infections.

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For children in years, It is recommended to take a pinch of powder of eggshells daily to improve growth and prevent the deficiency of calcium. The dose may be increased – to 7 years old child can be offered 0.5 tsp eggshells day.

For children and adults over the age of 14 are enough 1-2 tablespoons of powder per day, to get their daily dose of calcium. Very useful is a mixture of lemon juice and egg shell powder – relieves symptoms of diathesis and allergies in children and adults.

The eggshells powder is an extremely good way to get rid of problems with the thyroid gland, to treat gastritis and purify your blood!

Hurry, an extremely is easy and the benefits you will notice after a very short time!

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