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What it means to hurts you in the left part of the abdomen

Here are Major Causes of Abdominal Pain in Left Side:

In the upper left quadrant are located spleen, stomach, pancreas, part of the intestine and part of the diaphragm.

Pain in the upper left quadrant could come from the spleen. The spleen is too close to the body surface.

The main activity of the spleen is to remove red blood cells from the blood after their normal life within 120 days. It captures them, destroy, then in the bone marrow appear new blood cells.

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A number of diseases result in the extension of the spleen and this causes soreness.

The spleen could be hurt and this also leads to pain.

In injury – can be torn. This leads to severe pain.

Pain in the left upper abdomen can also cause stomach. Anything that irritates the stomach, causing gastritis or functional dyspepsia leads to pain. Most often this pain is pain accompanied by nausea and even vomiting. Antacids, prescribed by your doctor will help you.

It is important though to know that only a medic can say with certainty what caused the pain in the stomach, not resort to pills for pain immediately.

Pain in the left part of the abdomen may be of peptic ulcer and cancer. After completing a series of laboratory tests and trials (including endoscopic), your doctor will finally diagnose. And, of course, will give you treatment..

For example, pain in the upper left quadrant may be associated with diaphragmatic hernia.

Do not forget that pain in the part of the abdomen may be and from pancreas. In the end, it also becomes inflamed. Various diseases and toxins may affect the pancreas, including the disease cancer. In pancreatic problem except pain also has fever, nausea, vomiting.

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