Unique cure for sagging eyelids – you will see results after two minutes!

Your eyelids are part of the muscles that surround your eyes. That is why an important this muscle, because allows you to open and close your eyes.

Your eyes may begin to sag due to various factors, including aging, lifestyle factors and heredity. Drooping eyelid can lead to fatigue of the eye muscles, and is also more hardly to put make-up. All this is annoying and we provide to you a natural solution for this problem.


You will not believe how easy it is! And all that is required is an egg!

Egg whites tightens the skin and the results are visible for a few minutes.

Make sure you have at hand:

– 1 egg (you need only a egg whites)

– 1 cotton swab


1. Clean the eyelid well from makeup and dry.

2. Break an egg and remove the yolk, all you need is egg whites.

3. Keep the lid closed and dip a cotton swab in egg whites.

4. Apply a soaked cotton on the crease of the eyelid (make sure it does not drip. )

5. Keep the lid closed and wait for the egg whites to dry. To become faster you can use the fan.

It is! If this fails on the first try, try again. You may need to repeat it several times and you will be satisfied with the results.

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