Two Women Have Gone Blind Because of Something We All Do Everyday! Read And Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones!

In the US was registered case, when in the same clinic two unrelated women (one 22 and the other – 44 years) came with temporary symptoms of blindness.

Doctors say, that these symptoms typically at all are basically the same: one eye loses its ability to see about 15 minutes, while the other eye remains ok

Of course, those 15 minutes can become the longest in your life.

eye blind

After the upsurge in such cases, scientists began to conduct special tests using nuclear magnetic resonance to determine the cause of this phenomenon.

It turned out that the reason is incredibly banal: the use of a smartphone in the dark, often – under the covers.

Maybe not even feel what tremendous pressure turns it over your eyes. But “the effect of the blind eye” does not appear by chance: most often it is when lying on your side,and with one eye looking at the screen, while with other eye – in the dark (or rather – in the pillow).

As a result, the brain becomes confused by the discrepancy between the amount of light received from both eyes. One eye accustomed to the darkness, and the other – a bright screen. And when you lie down and turn off the screen, the brain starts confusion as a result of which it loses its ability to distinguish between day and night.

Namely, this “confusion” leads to symptoms such as blindness.

Evidence was presented recently in the scientific journal Medicine The New England Journal.

Thankfully, this blindness is temporary. Doctors were not able to obtain convincing evidence that it destroys the membrane of the eye.

We can not mention that studies on the impact of the habit of using smartphone at night, instead of a computer, are also held at Harvard University.

It turned out that there is a connection between this habit and development of a range of health problems: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. All this because the blue radiation, emitted by the phone. This affects not only our eyes but also the hormonal system.

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Here’s a video with the details of the incident:

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