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These Two Things Will Melt Fats In Just Two Weeks!

Junk food, is the wrong mode, lack of physical activity will inevitably lead to increased subcutaneous fat. This fills us not only with complexes in terms of appearance, but also causes considerable damage to health.

Undoubtedly, healthy weight loss – it is a long process that requires proper balanced diet and regular exercise …

But we will help you with a little trick – a home remedy for weight loss.

How to lose weight in two weeks

dried figs

200 ml of apple cider vinegar
3 dried figs

With a toothpick prick the dried figs and place them in an airtight bowl
Pour over them with apple cider vinegar and allow to infuse inside during the night.
The next day, drain figs from the liquid and eat them, and in the evening add in the rest of vinegar 3 new figs.

This amount of vinegar should be sufficient for one week. On the 8th day, prepare a fresh batch of remedy with a further 200 ml of vinegar. Treatment is continued in the above scheme for another 7 days.

This simple means will not only speed up the metabolism and cleanse your body, but also will be supplemented with the necessary vitamins, because the benefits of figs is notorious!

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