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The diet of Japanese monks – Lose 10 kg in 10 days!

The diet of Japanese monks is becoming increasingly popular in the world. It gives fantastic results for a really short time! It is recommended to observe every six months, in a period of ten days, and the results are fantastic!

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During this diet, which can best be described as a kind of detoxification of the body, be eaten only one food product.


Moreover, in large quantities!

At the beginning of each day, boil half a kilo of rice and add pickled cucumbers.

Add and two cloves of garlic. You need to eat this a whole day. Avoid salt.

The trick is that you can eat, whenever you want, but it is best to divide the rice in small portions. It is very important to eat slowly.

For a change in those ten days, except rice you can eat and fresh vegetable salad with olive oil. Lemon juice with water is recommended as a supplement, as well as unsweetened tea – especially green

All other beverages are prohibited,but is recommended consumption of at least two liters of water per day. Sugar and fruits are prohibited.

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