That’s Why You Should Wear Flip-Flops No More Than 1 Hour Per Day, Because …

All kinds of flip-flops and shoes with flat feet represent a danger, that few people know.

* Pain in the knees and lower back

* If you wear flip-flops more than 1 hour per day, there is risk of back pain and leg joints. All problems are due to lack of electrical impulses , which must support the arch of the foot.


* Load the tendons and bones

* Lack of protection for walking – So open shoes do not protect your feet, because the risk of injury to a stone or piece of glass is very high.

* Risk of infection – Blisters and abrasions that occur when walking with flip flops can lead to infection of the body – through micro cracks in the skin of bacteria and viruses is easy to bring in the blood.

Flip flops can and should be worn only on the beach and the pool, never – in town! Try to actively walk with them more than one hour a day, because these shoes are not designed for serious load. There are orthopedic summer shoes, but because of the high price are not sufficiently available.

So, your favorite sandals, with straps – is the best choice!

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