Soak From Tonight Your Feet In This Solution And Forget About The Pain, Fungi And Odor

After a long day it seems that nothing is better a rest in a hot bath.

But equally you will relax and just that,if you soak your feet in warm water in which you add vinegar, because we believe that the results will surprise you.

immerse your feet in this solution

Apple cider vinegar helps to remove dead cells from the feet. This means, that will refresh your skin.

In a container,in which you can conveniently put your legs pour 2/3 hot water, you can also cold, if you like. Then add the 160 to 230 milliliters of apple cider vinegar. Keep your feet about 30 minutes.

The smell of vinegar disappears, immediately after removing the legs from the solution, but if you want you can rinse them with clean water.

Here are the benefits of this bath:

Relax the muscles of the legs.
Reduces pain from sunburn.
Destroying fungus under the nail.
Reduces unpleasant smell of feet.
Softens cracked skin on heels.

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