She Weakened By 22 Kg, Thanks To This Delicious Drink – Speed Up Metabolism And Do Wonders For Your Body

Katie Mae is mother of two children and a former owner of 22 extra kilos.

She tried various ways to get rid of the accumulated fat after the second pregnancy, but everything was in vain. After a while, she decided only to attend yoga classes, just to relax and if she succeed and to becomes weak, it will be a bonus in her efforts.

Namely,during the courses in yoga a young mother from Liverpool met with a woman who shares her way of losing weight

This method proved to be extremely simple and effective, and helped Katie to part with 22 extra kilos for a month and a half.

And so, what you should do to lose weight also you ? Should you go to yoga? Not necessarily, although it is desirable. To begin to lose weight you need to drink a cup of warm water, then blend a banana, add a little ginger into it and eat for breakfast. Then you need to drink another glass of water, but this time the water needs to be cold.

drink amazing

It is important to consume banana with warm water every day. This delicious and effective combination will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight much faster and more efficiently, and most importantly, you will continue to lose weight, even after you stop have breakfast with banana and hot water

You can eat whatever you want for other meals, but it is also extremely important for you not to eat anything after 18:00.

You can eat banana and drink a glass of warm water, as a substitute for a meal between breakfast. You could make a unloaded day with bananas and water, for this purpose do not need to eat more than three bananas for the day. Drinking at least two liters of liquid in these unloaded days, is mandatory.

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