She put it under her tongue every night. The result? The Shape, which envied all her girlfriends!

Summer is in full swing, and you still have not shaken off the effects of spring fatigue.

Regain the vitality, strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels and all that – with just one available means! In addition, it can help you quickly lose weight by 5 kg ( 11lbs) per week!

weight loss

How to quickly lose weight by 5 kg

To repair quickly your figure and regain confidence in your own irresistibility, we recommend you to use this wonderful means.

However, remember that the following conditions must be met: Drink one glass of water 15 minutes before each meal – this will help you to control your appetite level, to rid your body of everything superfluous and get rid of body fat without harming their health.

Elixir to improve the vitality


1 tsp of sea salt
5 tsp of brown sugar


Mix sea salt and brown sugar in a ratio of 1: 5.

Store the finished means in tightly closed glass jar.

Every night put a pinch of the mixture under your tongue and let it melt, but not with water! Salt and sugar intake together in such a way, will help you to adjust the level of sugar in the blood, to cope with stress, to restore the balance of minerals in the body.

Sodium, which enters the body with salt crystals, ensure proper functioning of cellular metabolism during sleep. And this is – the key to better metabolism and rapid weight loss!

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