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See The Early Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar – Eat These Foods, To Change It

Diabetes is a disease with elevated blood sugar levels in the body and it is always good to know about the symptoms. The main risk factors for the disease are lifestyle and to some extent genetic predisposition

You can read about all the symptoms, what causes diabetes and high levels of sugar in the blood.

If you have recently gain on weight, if you have stomach problems and feel hungry all the time, these are very common symptoms of diabetes.


You can read about the symptoms that you should look for.

They are:

* Dry mouth

* Increased thirst

* Stomach problems

* Impotence

* Slow healing of cuts and wounds

* Constant hunger

* Dry skin or itching

* Frequent urination

* Problems with concentration

* Recurrent infections

* Weight gain

* Frequent fatigue and tiredness

Glycemic Index / GI / is a value indicating the speed, which foods rich in carbohydrates affect the secretion of insulin in the body

Here is the list of GI, and you can see which ones have the lowest or highest concentration of carbohydrates.

1 egg – 0

1 cup broccoli – 10

1 medium onion – 10

1 cup of walnuts – 15

1 cup cashews – 22

1 cup of cherries – 22

½ grapefruit – 25

1 cup spaghetti – 42

1 carrot – 47

1 orange – 48

1 banana – 52

This scale is from 0 to 54 and is considered to be foods with a low GI and can be consumed and absorbed without any problems.

In values from 54 to 100 can be considered, that they are associated with high blood sugar.

Here are foods with the highest concentration to avoid if you do not want your blood sugar to rise.

White bread (one slice) – 70

2 cups of popcorn – 72

Donuts – 76

Baked potatoes – 85

Cornflakes – 92

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