Remove All Unnecessary Fat: I Never Imagined That This Would Help! Now I Am Not Ashamed To Wear Swimsuits …

Often, the main cause of unpleasant folds in the armpits is the weight. Owners of overweight suffer not only from physical discomfort, but also psychologically. Today, our editors will share with you an effective method to get rid of fat in the armpit …

In help come these few special exercises. For their performance you need: a small rubber ball and durable cloth. With these exercises you will put an end to the problem in just 3 weeks!

How to remove fat from the armpit

1. Squeezing the ball

plank 2

First you need to pick up the ball and lift your hands up, try to tighten and straighten your arms as much as possible. Meanwhile, the back should be straight. In this position, you must stand for 30 seconds.

Place your hands parallel to the floor, squeeze the ball with your hands, stay in this position for 30 seconds. Then release at a lower arms and repeat.

2. Stretching with towel

plank 3

Take a towel and lift your arms parallel to the floor. Try to pulling as much as possible. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then after a short rest repeat the exercise yet 4 times .

3. Towel over your head

plank 1

Hold the towel to both ends and lift your hands up. Keep your back straight. Try to stretched. Usually in this position stand for 30 seconds, and after a short rest repeat yet 4 times.

4. Plank

plank 4

Begin the exercise. You must lie on bent elbows. Keep your back straight and lift your pelvis as possible. In this position, you must stand for at least 60 seconds and then take a short break. Repeat 4 times.

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