One banana onto the skin for three days does wonders! More efficient means – you have not seen!

Acne – a common skin disorder with inflammation and pustules that may not be squeezed due to the high likelihood of scarring.

Specific agents for treatment of acne are expensive and the effect is sometimes necessary to wait too long. Fortunately there is an alternative – bananas, or rather – their bark!


Due to the high content of minerals (zinc, manganese, iron), banana effectively dry irritated skin and has an antibacterial effect. The starch prevents excessive oiliness and tightens pores. Vitamins A, C, E, improves skin color, and special enzymes remove the remaining patches of acne.

How it works?

To get rid of acne is necessary for three days, morning and evening to perform the following procedure:

Wash your face with a mild detergent solution.

Dry your face with a cloth.

Take the peel of a fresh banana and gently massage the skin for 10 minutes with the inside of the banana peel. If the peel of banana starts to shred, replace it with another.
Allow the active substances in the banana peel to proceed for a further 20 minutes, then again wash your face.

Try today and you will be amazed!

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