My friend showed it to me: Put a sticks of ice cream in boiling water, then …I Never believed!

The human imagination knows no limits! When we see something beautiful and original, created with their own hands, everyone experience the admiration

Well, today we will give you an idea for which everyone will admire you!

Bracelet from the sticks for a ice cream

1. Put the sticks of ice cream in boiling water and simmer for 30 minutes over low heat. Then remove them and leave to cool gradually and gain

This and the following step is best to do at night.


2. Then sticks must dry out and give them the required form. For this purpose are ideal items, that have circular cross-section, cups, jars, plastic bottles, cut in half.

stick 2

3. After the curved sticks are dry, you can begin to paint. It all depends only from your imagination: you can glue 2 sticks together to get a wider bracelet.

Decorate bracelets with crystals, sequins, use colored nail polish or gouache.

sticks of ice cream

A little imagination and … admiring glances of friends will warm you

sticks of ice cream 1

Such a simple and original idea hardly occurred to you.

Share it, in order to benefit and others!

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