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Just Put It In Your Home And The Money Will “Falling Like The Wind”

With this herb really attract wealth into your home

With this herb you will enjoy an incredible financial prosperity. You attract into your house money and wealth, only with this herb. Bay leaf is one of the most magical plants and from ancient times.

The plant is also known in ancient Egypt and was used for the protection of evil, demonic forces. Among occultists argued, that bay leaf placed in our wallet does wonders. Fragrant herb attracts untold riches to us, if leaf of this plant is placed in the partition of our portfolio. The only condition is that from time to time be replaced with a new leaf.

bay leaf

Bay leaves attract wealth

Russian scientists claim that the bay leaf removes and stress. If it is in our food protects us from the evil intentions of others, as well as our sense of anxiety. With the aromatic leaves of bay leaf we could do and an interesting ritual. It helps us to clean the house from negative energy.

Firstly the leaf place in a suitable container, then ignite and take out from the room. Allow to burn and after ten minutes take into room. Then take a breath with full breasts from its smell. It is claimed that this purified air and creates a positive flow of energy. The smell improves body and spirit, argue and the occultists.

The plant in Mediterranean countries is also used as a mascot for the home. It is alleged, that after being placed above the door on the side of the house or over the kitchen door protects our home from evil forces, troubles and diseases.

In the past, bay leaf has been placed on the bed of small children. It is believed, that the herb prevents negative influences. If you planted a bay laurel tree in the yard, then there will invade prosperity and happiness for generations.

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