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It Is Imperative To Know, If You Shave The Hairs In The Intimate Area!

Gynecologists recommends women to shave pubic hair – it helps prevent any infections and sexually transmitted diseases. The bacteria that remain on the hairs can cause unpleasant effects. If you do decide to shave, we encourage you to read this article to the end!

unwanted hairs

Skin in the intimate area is very delicate and requires careful maintenance. When you shave unwanted hair often appeared irritation and it is no less dangerous to health, than lack of shaving or intimate haircut!

However, the removal of unwanted hair in the intimate area is possible and even necessary. But we have to take precautions to prevent irritation, redness and itching!

How to avoid irritation AFTER SHAVING:

1. Shaving the pubic area should be done in the morning 30 minutes after waking. After a night’s sleep under the skin accumulates water, there is swelling, and this hampers the smooth shave. If you do it in the evening, shaving will not be sufficiently smooth, for the same reason.

2. Make a scrub with coffee or sugar before and after shaving! Surprisingly smooth skin and no irritation afterwards. Straight miracle!

3. Use instead of gel or shaving cream conditioner for rinsing your hair! There is no better tool to combat irritants,while the soft texture of the conditioner provides a good close shave.

Irritated skin contributes to the spread of bacteria which fall directly into the blood. It is also associated with significant discomfort and looks disgusting …

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