I learned it from my friend – she does it for the second consecutive year! When you understand Why frozen lemons, you will do the same!

The fact is, that lemon is extremely useful for people, with no doubt. Maybe you’ll be surprised, but the most valuable in the lemon is a rind ! In the bark of this fruit contains 10 times more vitamin C than in the the soft part. Not to mention the essential oil that kills harmful bacteria, heal inflammation and headaches.

Lemon peel – extremely useful product that is invaluable for the home. For proper peeling the bark, lemon should be frozen.

lemon peel

The use of frozen lemons

To take full advantage of the benefits of lemons, it is necessary to put for a little while in the freezer. Then you can easily grate the rind and the pulp on a grater. The resulting mass add to foods and beverages. The frozen lemon will give to the food a unique citrus flavor and improve your health!

How to use the rind

Lemon peel can also be dried and then grind in a blender until powdered. Add lemon powdered in the tea, pastries and salads. Mix the powder with sugar and you have lemon sugar that has incomparable flavor.

freeze lemons

To improve digestion, chew the lemon peel. It helps with sore throats. Lemon peel as a dietary supplement helps to boost immunity and prevent colds. Lemon peel promote weight loss due to the content of the pectin. This substance reduces the absorption of sugar and reduces the appetite.

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