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Folk Medicine Against All Types Of Cysts And Malignancies

According to popular belief, is used for treating cysts, malignant diseases, asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis and occlusion of blood vessels. It is a recipe, which is based on the application of two basic ingredients: aloe and alcohol.

After the evidence of those, who have had problems with cysts, the drug helps in removing them, only after two doses.

folk medicine

In no case you will not mistake,if you use it as a preventive measure to improve and maintain overall health.

Necessary ingredients:

500ml Medical alcohol ( 17 fl oz )

500g of honey ( 17 oz)

0.75 l of Red quality wine  ( 25 fl oz )

500g coffee of chicory ( 17 oz )

150g Leaves of aloe vera ( 5.5 oz )

The leaves of aloe clean well and grind in machine for meat or blender. The other ingredients only mix well in one container, so finally add the mixture to chopped aloe leaves. Required only the jar to be a great preferable to 3 liters, so you can put all the ingredients. The jar tightly closed and leave it for a dark, cool place to stand for 14 days.

Then strain the mixture with gauze and the liquid was placed in a glass bottle. It is important for your stomach to be empty, before and after use of the drug. The liquid drink at least 1 hour before meals 3 times a day by 1 tbsp.

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