Burger King Confirms The Rumors and Admits That They Are Using Horse Meat in the Burgers

The Biggest Fast food chain Burger King in America acknowledge, they`ve been using meat from horses for their burgers.

They even earlier were accused for the same, but Burger King has always denied these allegations as rumors.

But last Thursday, they came with announcement of the recognition that tests were wrong, apologizing to their clients.

burger king - horse meat

The company for the production of meat for BK which is called SILVERCREST. They also get meat for Asda, Co-op and Tesco company. The ingredients in the supply of meat are prohibited even from the last year.

As announced by the Burger King on this issue:

“We found that Silvercrest uses a small percentage of beef originating from an unauthorized Polish suppliers, who have promised to supply them with 100% British and Irish beef chops.

They failed to fulfill their promise.

All this is against our rules and regulations, so we decided to interrupt the partnership with this vendor

As We`ve confirmed, this Polish vendor is the source of contaminated meat that comes from SILVERCREST “.

source: http://www.usatoday.com/

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